Friday, July 11, 2008

Look Ma, A New Post!

Friends, Friends, Friends! I was just reading through the blog, and thought, man, why not add a new post, almost a full year since the last one, not even sure if anyone will see it, or ever read it, but it's my hope that one day soon you'll be inclined to visit the ole blog and you'll read this and it will be joyously exuberant for you. I hope you're all doing well. If you have not done so, join facebook and let's chat it up, it's good fun and let's face it, it gets you through the 3pm-4pm slump of your day, ok, 11am-5pm slump of your day. I miss you guys, you're all fun people to know in this crazy world. Christi and I are doing well. Still on the island. Yep, been driving in circles ever since leaving your company almost 2 years ago. I can't even believe its been two years, time here flies by soooo freak show fast, it's amazing. Maybe the no season thing has something to do with it, so there's no real benchmark in time, i don't know, but it honestly feels like weeks ago, rather than years. Crazy sauce.

Anyway, we're still here, and we now live in a 2 bedroom place rather than a studio which means you can come and visit and it won't be as awkward. Did we have friends visit us while we lived in our studio? Yes we did. Was it awkward? Slightly, but mostly just funny, because I slept on the floor with my head by the toaster. I dreamt of pop tarts and eggos and walked with a bit of a limp for a few days, because I'm no college kid anymore although every time I tell people I'm a pastor they say, "your so young to be a pastor," and then laugh the same giddy laugh, that makes me laugh giddily in return when I'd really rather ask how old they think I am anyway. I don't think 30 is too young, 13 yes, then I would be young, but probably on TV, because everyone would want to see the 13 year old kid pounding the pulpit in his tee-ball uniform. I'm getting off track.

What I meant to say is I hope you're having an awesome summer! Wishing you the best-a-