Friday, March 23, 2007

OOOOOO Mexico!!!

I'm off tomorrow morning to good Ol Mexico! Our youth group (27 kids and 4 adults) are going to be spending a week in Juarez building an educational wing for a church, among other "surprises" that the organizer has yet to tell us. I'm excited, but hope I get some sleep tonight or on the plane, because I might not get much when I'm there! Then I come back and I'm off to Norway. I'll try to post some pictures from Norway eventually. Mexico might take awhile, as they will be old school--with real film and everything! None of this digital stuff.

some additions to the HATE list:

The shiny gold frames found in hotels and public buildings that make even Monet art look awful and tacky.

That my mom still uses the word ‘tinkles.’

Listening to my own sermons

The scene in Dirty Dancing where Patrick Swayze is dancing with the whole troupe behind him and he has this very weird look on his face (overall I like the movie, but that scene is HORRIBLE)

waiting for eye drops to actually fall into your eye

when the spicy honey mustard on your sandwich burns your nose AND your eyes

that so many people always want UNC to win FOR NO GOOD REASON

that UNC did win, despite the fact that they were down by 16 points in the second half. grrrr!!!

Go West Young Man

SAN DIEGO, CA. The LGH Television Network has confirmed that Chris Sikora has agreed to a one year contract for the television show CPE: Razor Sharp, which will be a spin off from the hugely successful CPE: The Movie. In the show, set at Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego, Sikora will reprise his role as chaplain amidst chaos, pic lines, and code blues. Rumors were previously swirling that Sikora might instead join the cast of Vitas Hospice: The Journey. When asked about it Sikora said, “It came down to the fact that I’d be driving all around all the time with Vitas, and without my carpool crew with me, the appeal was really minimal. That and the fact that the hospital setting would give me the chance to be in contact with hand sanitizer much more often.”

Some had hoped that Sikora would continue to carry food in his coat pockets at LGH, but Sikora explained, “After talking with Nicole and Joy about their commutes this last summer, I didn’t really want to commute all the way from San Diego, but I did appreciate Lee Joesten’s offer to let me fly in each day with Flight For Life.” Network executives have indicated that guest appearances by Stan Buglione and Lu Terket are likely.

Sikora follows in the footsteps of fellow cast member Anthony Silano who left LGH to participate in his own spin off CPE: Aloha which has seen Silano abandon his expiration forms and blue coat to don a Hawaiian shirt and battle killer coconuts and sea turtles. Silano’s Aloha has topped Nielsen ratings since its debut in September 2006. Silano had the following advice for Sikora, “When the going gets tough, you just have to click your heels three times and go to the White House in your mind. Oh yeah, and make sure you get good sleep, exercise, and eat well – it helps a hell of a lot with grief.”

Monday, March 19, 2007

My first blog!

Greetings my dear brothers and sisters of fame. This is an exciting day. I am blogging!! I do not usually do this sort of thing, but what the heck. This week is my spring break. Ironically, the seminary chooses to call it reading week and give a lot of work to do. Anyway, I managed to squeeze a little time in to blog. Chris, did they really move the mail room? I can't believe it. I loved that tiny little fish smelling orange colored room. Well, I am out of things to say already. Wow, blogging is sort of hard. Anyway, I miss you all lots. Peace out.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

The More Things Stay the Same...

...the more they change. I was in the old neighborhood this week, so I stopped in and had lunch with Rene'. It turns out the rumors of Thelma's retirement were more than rumors. Rene' didn't explicity say that Thelma felt that the place would never be the same again after we left, but....she didn't have to. Stan Kazen stopped just short of retirement after our departure, he took a trip to India and after riding elephants for a few weeks is back in action. They moved (insert the word "retired") the mail room to the chapel waiting area space - see it to believe it and there's now a HUGE hole in the front of the hospital - I suspect where our Duke Award statue is going, though I didn't confirm that with Rene'. And the White House, well....hmmm...wait a minute, the White House was untouched. Okay, so somethings never change.

Our lives have never been the same:


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Friday, March 9, 2007

Cancun? Daytona Beach? Or good ol' Chi-town?

So we're about to start Spring Break here at NPTS. I will be soaking up the rays here on the NWside. Nothing special for me, just hanging out here, working, catching up on reading and getting a head start on midterm papers. Anybody have exciting plans to travel to exotic destinations?

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Awards and Code Red Punch Flow for Cast

EVANSTON, IL. Last weekend many of the cast members of CPE: The Movie gathered for what was dubbed by reporters as “CPE: The Party.” The Hawaiian themed party was an occasion to reunite most of this legendary crew, toast Anthony Silano, receive the Duke award for CPE: The Movie, yearn for warmer weather, reminisce about Thelma and her meatball making utensil, and shake a hula hoop like nobody’s business -watch out Shakira! Cast members made a statement with their tropical attire, including grass skirts, Aloha wristbands, and loads of leis. Charles strutted his stuff in a stylish white Armani suit, Carrie created a stir in her Vera Wang coconut bra, and Joy checked her beach bag (of Theology) at the door. Several cast members made heroic efforts to battle the inauspicious and ill-timed ice storm to make the party – God bless you!

Asked about a sequel to the original movie, cast member responses varied. “Talk to my agent,” said Matt as he prepared for a game of Fishbowl. “Where do I sign?” asked Les who was considering whether his grass skirt would clash with a blue coat. “Don’t we still have outstanding HIPPA lawsuits from the first one?” wondered Nicole. "It all depends who they get to play Louis," said Brooke dreamily. Susan Gullickson was unavailable for comment.

A big Aloha and congratulations to the cast members for their award.

The Definition of Irony

So I woke up this morning and in my zombie-like stuppor I was walking around the apartment barefoot when all of a sudden BAM! I stubbed my toe... on my shoe! The very thing that is supposed to protect my toe has injured my toe. Its like getting cut on a bandaid. That's my story.

Friday, March 2, 2007

funny site

Okay, I normally won't be posting EVERY day, but to get this thing rolling, thought I'd share this funny website with you all. It's a guy who makes fun of children's art. I find it hilarious, and showed it to Chris earlier today, so hope you find it just as funny!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

This Blog just made my list of things to do today

Thanks Brooke, what a fabulous idea! Our very own blog, this is so sweet. Wait until the press gets a hold of this! The paparazzi will be out in full force. It will be clown wigs and dark shades from now on. It's the price you pay when you win a Duke. Life just won't be the same from now on, it's just something we'll all have to accept and process. I hope you're all doing well, sounds like you had an awesome time living it up Jimmy Buffett style. This pic is the view from our apartment. Ok, not quite, it is indeed the view from Diamond Head, a volcano turned military base turned tourist hot spot. Natural progression i suppose. I'm excited, i will be in the greater CHi-town area, April 16-23 and i would love to get together with you. We're having a Neumatics show on April 21rst which you're of course invited to, but more importantly, as I know the end of April marks much madness for Seminary folk, I would love to to find a time together and hang out, catch up, share ways to shake the tabloids, reunionize if you will. So you'll have to blog back and let me know what might work for y'all and we'll try and work it. Take care my advocate heros. With Aloha-a-

Welcome to our blog!

Hello everyone! Here is our very own BLOG!! Remember to check in often and post frequently! This way we can keep in touch, I can update you on my hate and love lists, and Anthony can give us a heads up for all the awards shows he's booked us for. Not to mention pictures of beach parties, missing persons, photo shoots on helicopter pads, etc. Can't wait to hear from you all!