Thursday, July 5, 2007

Mother Cheers, Dad Snoozes

In the lull between checking out of their Waikiki hotel and hitching their flight back to Central Illinois, parents of one chaplain featured in CPE: The Movie finally sat down for a viewing nearly 7 months after its release. Apparently the numourous acclamades, media attention, and pending lawsuits were not enough to spark curiousity with Anthony's parents until a need for filling time arose. Upon suggesting a viewing of the film, his mother and step father finally gave in after realizing the famed Honolulu fabric store, Fabric Mart, was closed. "It seamed obvious that this was going to be our only option for the afternoon, so we just decided to sit down and watch it", his mother said, tossing her aloha print fabric coupons in the trash. Both his mother and step-father appreciated the film's heartfelt summer memories by all chaplains, but questioned the film's off color humor; the quote, " very interesting music;" and the need for pick-up lines in a health care setting. In between cat-nap two of three during the 35 minute feature, Anthony's step father was jolted awake by the "Not So Glad You Came" sing along portion. "For a second I thought we were going to watch a Cheers re-run," he said before dozing off again. Overall, Anthony's parents said they enjoyed the film, but when asked if they would watch it again, quickly looked at their watches and headed for the airport.

(This report was only loosely based on actual events that took place on the afternoon of July 5, 2007......Have a good weekend everybody.......:)


Brooke said...

I knew I count on you boys! Glad to hear from you Anthony and Matt! I just found out yesterday that I get to buy a house--yipee! Closing in July 31, so not too long... hope all is well!

Chris said...

Fear not Anthony. There were many who blew off "Spice World" initally too.

Boy, and now that you mention it, I can pretty much always go for a Cheers rerun.

Brooke - congrats on the house and happy belated birthday! The bouquet of roses from Matt, Anthony, and I is in the mail. I was out in Switzerland for your big day. It's a place where everything is really beautiful but really expensive and not on the Euro, annoyingly enough. But they do have a huge Freddy Mercury (lead singer of Queen) statue there, which was a bonus. I'll get a post on part of the trip going soon...