Monday, August 6, 2007

What Kenya Do?

Jambo! (Hello) It feels years ago by now, but I'll kick off the posts with my immersion trip to Kenya in May through school. The day after I walked for graduation (even though I didn't take my last class until last week…) I hopped on a plane with 7 other classmates and our professor and flew across the ocean to Africa and into Kenya, one of its 53 countries, for two weeks. It was an amazing trip – amazingly sad at times, amazingly hopeful at others and all amazingly new to me. I tried to soak in as much of the culture as I could. There are unique stories behind all the pictures I took, and if you feel like checking some of them out paste this address into your browser window:

Most of all I think the trip made me much more globally aware than I was before. Also, now I can appreciate the African sense of “ubuntu” which basically means “we are therefore I am; I am therefore we are”. It’s seeing the world through a lens of interconnectivity that changes the way one thinks about actions and decisions. It’s a community value that I think we did a good job of connecting with last summer. It means something like, if Anthony is in Hawaii, then we all should be in Hawaii, I think…

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Anthony said...

Cool pic. Sounds like it was an awesome trip! Blessings on your move back to the west coast.