Sunday, September 12, 2010

On The Road Again

CARLSBAD, CA - After three years starring in CPE: Razor Sharp, a spin-off of the critically acclaimed CPE: The Movie, Chris Sikora has decided to leave the show.
“I had a great run. I worked at a world class hospital. I got to really stretch myself with all the roles. I developed some amazing relationships. I touched a lot of lives. And I got free meal tickets everyday. You can’t ask for too much more than that.”
Or can you? It seems that Sikora is doing just that. Starting this fall (actually tomorrow) he’ll be joining the cast of Hospice By The Sea. You’ve never heard of Hospice By The Sea you say? Well, you’re in good company. But says Sikora, “While it’s a local show and smaller in size, it’s got great heart and it feels like just what I want to be doing at this stage of my career. I know that working with death is going to bring me life. Besides they have a really rad seahorse logo!”
Some believe that Sikora was drawn to the part after experiencing his grandfather pass away on hospice this May. Others are wondering about an underground ACPE conspiracy or clashes with Razor Sharps’ writers. Still others think the chance to cruise around Southern California visiting patients in a classic 1997 Toyota Corolla, listening to 80’s hair metal on the many daily trips was just too enticing.
“When I heard, I immediately shipped him the new Bret Michaels solo album and some Motley Crue – the early stuff. Keep it rockin', my friend.” Commented CPE: The Movie star Nicole Stritzel.
“I think actually that having to wear ties to work everyday for Sharp finally got to him,” said fellow CPE: The Movie star Anthony Silano. “I kept telling him about my Hawaiian shirts at work and I think that made him really reflect.”
CPE: The Movie star Brook Heerwald commented, “Way to go Chris. Glad you’re going for it and following your heart. You only live once. Unless you believe in reincarnation, and then you live a lot of times.”


Matt said...

I was both shocked and delighted to find a new entry on the good ol' CPE blog on my Google Reader.

I'll be checking my local listings.

Anthony said...

Awesome, love that there is a new post. Congrats on the new role Chris!